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The "Sound of Music" tour was a really nice experience. The bus took us to a region called Salzkammergut (I think), which is simply exquisite- massive mountains, sparkling lakes...the only problem was it was sub zero degrees, and the snow in my hair and my wet, freezing feet made it difficult. The snow on the Alps is wonderful and on this day people were disappointed that it was not a clear day, like it is shown in the film. But because the clouds are so low on the mountains and snow is covering the trees there was a mysterious feel about it...you couldnt see mountains entirely. Actually it reminded me of the Musical Phantom of the Opera and other productions where they use CO2 to create the effect of water...it was like that, like the mountains were hiding secrets.

So if you want to know some facts about the film (and many people do not want to know these facts) then keep reading..

Do you all remember the scene where the Von Trapp children and Maria are in a boat on a lake and they fall in. This scene had to be filmed twice and the first time, the littlest girl (Lisle) nearly drowned, because the boat was overturned on top of her.

Lots of the scenes in the film used two sceneries, but made it look as if it was the same place. We visited lots of the scenes used in the film, including the mountain that Maria ran down at the beginning of the film. That mountain is 10km away from the town and the abbey (but it took Maria about 3 minutes to run down to the abbey in the film).

The real von Trapp family (the family the movie is based on) actually did not climb any mountains to escape the Germans, the theatre the children sang in was next door to a train statioin...and they caught a train to Italy, then a ship to the USA, and with very little money started a life there. The mountain they are seen to be climbing over in the film to escape the Nazis actually leads to Germany. This lack of realism is why actually Astrians do not like the film. (In fact I met an Austrian boy on the train who had barely even heard of the film!!)

Probably the cutest thing I learned was about the Eldelweisse. (The song has always been one of my favourites!!) An Eldelweisse is a white flower that only grows on the top of a mountain. Traditionally, Austrain boys would climb to the top of a mountain to pick the flower to give to their girlfriends, to show their love. But many men have been killed trying to climb these mountains, how tragic!!

The other main attraction I visited in Salzburg was the Schloss Helbrun Palace, which I learned quite a bit of history there...basically the different people and states that have ruled Salzburg...next for blogging is Vienna.

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Oh it sounds fantastic! only Lisle was the oldest girl... Gretel was the youngest.

anyway, i adore your blog!

by Moya

hey thanks for all that information ! i am a big fan of the movie & am so glad to know that they escaped to a free nation such as USA. By the way there are great videos of the 'Sound Of Music children' when they grew up ,on 'You tube' which you will like i am sure !

by Kabir

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